Adolescent and Young Adult Special Interest Group

Over 30 percent of children ages 10-17 have a pediatric chronic health condition, and over 90 percent of these children will make the transition to adulthood. Many medical organization consensus statements have highlighted the needs of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with chronic health conditions and have called for multidisciplinary action. Thus, there is an increasing need for pediatric psychologists to collaborate with other disciplines and/or take a leadership role in caring for, advocating for, and researching AYAs with chronic health conditions.

The mission of the Adolescent and Young Adult SIG is to provide a structure for Society of Pediatric Psychology members to play an active role in the advancement of research, practice, and policy related to AYAs with chronic health conditions and their health care transitions. We aim to do this via the following goals:

Promote Awareness: Promote awareness among SPP members of: 1) psychosocial and health issues specific to AYAs with chronic health conditions, 2) psychosocial and systemic issues impacting the transition to adult health care, and 3) national and federal policy and initiatives related to transition to adult health care.

Promote Research: Identify research priorities for AYAs with chronic health conditions and the transition to adult health care. This includes identifying relevant, and promoting the development of, new theoretical models, measurement tools, methodological approaches, and interventions specific to AYA and transition to adult care.

Promote Networking and Collaboration: Promote research and professional collaborations among pediatric psychologists, adult-based health care societies, and professionals of other disciplines interested in AYAs with chronic health conditions and the transition to adult care.

Promote Best Practices: Identify relevant care guidelines for AYAs with chronic health conditions and the transition to adult care and promote the development of best practice guidelines for incorporating psychological care into transition care of AYAs.


Summer 2019 Newsletter (download here)

Fall 2018 Newsletter (download here)

Summer 2018 Newsletter (download here)


Winter 2019 Newsletter - Call for Research and Nominations for Student/Program Spotlight!
We are now accepting submissions on AYA-related research topics to feature in our Winter 2019 newsletter and nominations for our student/program spotlight! Please send a brief abstract of your research or a brief paragraph describing the student/program you would like considered for our newsletter spotlight to and

Fall Webinar – Save the Date!
Our Fall Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 6th from 11:00AM to 12:00PM EST. This webinar will feature presentations from our SPPAC 2018 Student Poster Award Winner, Jill Plevinsky, PhD, and Runner-Up, Alix Mclaughlin, BA. Our Policy Co-Chair, Amy Lang, MS, will also be presenting her research on perceived health competence and quality of life among AYA with chronic health conditions. Stay tuned to the AYA SIG listserv for additional information. We hope you can join us!

AYA SIG Member Directory 
We are currently in the process of developing an AYA SIG Member Directory to help you connect with other members for professional ideas and support. Thanks to everyone who completed the membership directory survey!

AYA SIG Board Members:

Chair: Siddika Mulchan, PsyD

Other Board members

Chair Elect: Lila Pereira, PhD
Communications Chair: Jill Plevinsky, PhD
Measurement Committee: Jessica Pierce, PhD and Lauren Quast, BS
Intervention Committee: Jennifer Allen, PhD and Amanda Feinstein, PhD
Student/Trainee Representative: Jeanette Iskander, MA
Past Chair: Christine Sieberg, PhD
Policy Committee: Beth Garland, PhD and Amy Lang, MS


Siddika Mulchan, PsyD
Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida

Interested in joining the AYA SIG listserv? Send an email request to


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