International Committee

The SPP International Committee

Our mission

  1. Promoting international membership in the society
  2. Increasing collaborative research in pediatric psychology internationally, both in developed and developing countries.
  3. Increasing pediatric psychology treatment and clinical practice internationally, both in developed and developing countries.
  4. Increasing prominence of the society internationally so that it becomes a truly international pediatric psychology society.
  5. Building partnerships with other pediatric psychology organizations worldwide.

Initiatives to date to achieve this mission:

  • There is now always at least one international keynote speaker featured at the SPPAC meeting.
  • SPP has made formal connections with the UK, Dutch and Italian Pediatric Psychology Networks, all of whom have a representative on our SPP International Committee.
  • An International Travel Award to attend SPPAC for up to two international faculty or students working outside of the USA has been established.
  • We have teamed up the student advisory board to extend the campus representative model to universities outside of the USA.
  • An International Collaboration Award has been established, facilitating a visit of up to two early career members to a lab or clinic outside of their country of residence.
  • Several members of the SPP International Committee attended the Pediatric Psychology Strategic Meeting at European Pediatric Psychology Conference 2018. This meeting aimed to discuss how we can establish collaborations between SPP and European colleagues (e.g., with regard to conferences / organization of pediatric psychology networks), and how we can strengthen networks of pediatric psychology across Europe.

Spotlight on International Activities:

Video coming fall, 2019, exploring what pediatric psychology research and practice looks like in a few different countries.

International Journals and Publications for Pediatric Psychology

Committee Members

Member Institution Country Committee Position
Line Caes University of Stirling Scotland Chair
Katie Devine Rutgers University USA SPP MAL-membership
Yvonne Vance Wishaw General Hospital Scotland PPN-UK Liaison
S.A. (Sasja) Schepers St. Jude's Children's Hospital USA Dutch-PPN Liaison
Caroline Heary National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland SIGPeP
Concetta Polizzi University of Palermo Italy SIPPed
Jo Dudeney Sydney Children's Hospital Australia  
Maria Pavlova University of Calgary Canada  
Christina Duncan West Virginia University USA  
Eileen Chaves NationWide Children's Hospital USA  
Kathleen Lamanek NationWide Children's Hospital USA  
Abbie Jordan University of Bath England  
Katie Birnie Calgary Canada  
Rocia de la Vega Seattle Children's Research Institute USA/Spain  


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