International Pediatric Psychology Organizations

International Pediatric Psychology Organizations


The Pediatric Psychology Network UK (PPN-UK) is a forum for Pediatric Psychologists in the United Kingdom. It is a part of the Faculty for Children and Young People, which is part of the Division of Clinical Psychology, all within the British Psychological Society. The general aim is to promote the development of Pediatric Psychology within the UK, including professional practice, clinical governance, research and training.

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SIGPeP is a special interest group within the Psychological Society of Ireland that was formed as a means of bringing together clinicians and researchers with an interest in Pediatric Psychology in Ireland. The group was established in 2015. We aim to provide opportunities for training and professional development in the area of Pediatric Psychology; provide forums for discussion, information sharing, and professional support; promote the field of Pediatric Psychology at a service and organizational level, and at a broader societal level; promote collaboration between pediatric and community services through the establishment of a support network and to promote research and evidence-based practice in Pediatric Settings

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Dutch PPN

The Dutch Pediatric Psychology Network (PPN-NL) is a network of pediatric psychologists working in (academic) hospitals, who, next to their clinical activities, are concerned with scientific research. This network aims to combine clinical experience and scientific knowledge and furthermore aims to support (inter)national collaboration between pediatric psychology professionals. Ultimately, we hope that this combined knowledge leads to an improvement of quality of care for children, adolescents, and young adults with a chronic, acute, and/or life threatening disease or condition.



The Italian Society of Pediatric Psychology (S.I.P.Ped.), established on May 12th, 2016), is accredited by Ministry of Health (Ministerial Order 06/11/2018), and a member of the Italian Federation of Association and Scientific Societies in Pediatric area (FIARPED). It has been founded with the aim to promote a specific know how and expertise in psychological support and rehabilitation, and a specific pediatric psychologists’ training in the Maternal-Infant Healthcare. The S.I.P.Ped.’s mission takes place in an integrated interdisciplinary practice that provides opportunities for confrontation and sharing common procedures, in order to create a community in the maternal-infant healthcare together with specific professionals such as pediatricians, gynecologists, and child psychiatrists.

S.I.P.Ped. is developed along with the studies by the American Psychological Association Division 54, as well as from the heuristic path of the Research Unit “Pediatric Psychology” that has been working within the today-called Department of “Psychological, Pedagogical, Physical Practice and Training Sciences”  at the University of Palermo. Moreover, S.I.P.Ped also benefits from the experience of Pediatric Psychology Taskforce at “Bambino Gesù” Hospital in Rome, the Interistitutional Services of University and Hospital Psychology - “Villa Sofia-Cervello Gathered Hospitals”, Palermo, and from the Master degree’s training paths in Pediatric Psychology.

The Society today includes 120 members from 13 Italian regions, organized in four Research/Intervention Units: “Pediatric Hematology/Oncology”; “Neglect, from individual to community: risk and protection factors”; “Training on integration physician-psychologist”; “Epidemiological, social and cultural changes and consequences in Pediatric Psychology”. The current president is prof. Giovanna Perricone.


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