Diversity Student Poster Award

Deadline: December 1,2017
Sponsor: Division 54

This award is granted to student-led pediatric psychology research posters that feature diversity-related issues, such as race/ethnicity, gender, culture, sexual orientation, language differences, socioeconomic status, disability status and/or aspects of religion. The winner(s) of the Diversity Student Poster Award will be acknowledged at the conference and will receive a monetary prize of $100.

Students who are members of the Society of Pediatric Psychology and who are first author of a poster to be presented during the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference or APA convention are eligible.

If you are a student author and member of SPP, please forward a copy of your final poster presentation (single file only) to Anna Maria Patiño-Fernandez, PhD. In your email, please note your current training status (graduate student, intern, postdoctoral fellow). If you have multiple first-author posters scheduled for presentation at the conference, please only submit one for consideration.

2014 APA Convention
  • Rachel Becker Herbst, Children's Hospital Colorado — Exploring the Influence of Language on Behavioral Health in Integrated Primary Care
    Primary Mentor: Ayelet Talmi, PhD

  • Bridget Armstrong, University of Florida — Park Density Moderates Weight Loss Intervention Maintenance in Obese Rural Youth
    Primary Mentor: David Janicke, PhD

2013 APA Convention
  • Jenniffer Lovell — Qualitative Theory Informing Parent Prevention of Early Childhood Weight-related Problems

2013 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference
  • Marilyn Sampilo — A Pediatric Obesity Intervention For Rural Youth: Effects on Quality of Life 

  • Megan Cohen — The Relationship among the Built Environment, Weight Status, Caloric Intake, and Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Rural Children 

  • Alyssa Lee — Understanding the Stressful Challenges of Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Management in Caucasian and Hispanic Youth 

  • Alyssa Schlenz — Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management to Improve Daily Activity Levels in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease 

  • Ifigenia Mougianis — Parent-Child Behavioral Interaction during Pediatric Immunizations in a Latino Sample 

  • Chinsun ("Jin") Lee — Utilization of Pediatric Complementary and Alternative Medicine — CAM: Impact of Ethnicity, Parent Education & Family Income

2012 APA Convention
  • Page Klitzman — Predictors of Attendance in a Behavioral Family intervention Program for Overweight Rural Youth 

  • Kristin Long — Emotion Expression and Communication in Latino and Non-Latino Siblings of Children With Diabetes

2012 Midwest Regional Conference on Pediatric Psychology
  • Erin Brannon — Examining Longitudinal Feeding Practices and Child Eating Behaviors in a Minority Population: Feasibility and Validity Challenges

  • No award given

2010 APA Convention
  • Katherine Salamon — Factors Associated with Participation in Pediatric Yoga Research


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