Diversity Student Poster Award

Deadline: March 1,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

SPP’s Diversity Committee is awarding student-led pediatric psychology research posters that feature diversity-related issues, such as race/ethnicity, gender, culture, sexual orientation, language differences, socioeconomic status, disability status, and/or aspects of religion.

This award honors the student first author of a poster to be presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference or the American Psychological Association annual conference.  Winner(s) of the Diversity Student Poster Award will also receive a monetary prize of $100.

Students who are members of the Society of Pediatric Psychology and who are first author of a poster to be presented during the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference or the American Psychological Association annual conference.

If you are a student author and member of SPP, please forward a copy of your final poster presentation (single file only) to Melissa Santos, PhD, by the deadline. The deadline for SPPAC is typically mid-March, and the deadline for APA is typically mid-July. In your email please note (1) your current training status (graduate student, intern, post-doctoral fellow), (2) who your mentor is on the submitted project, and (3) your training institution. If you have multiple first authored posters scheduled for presentation at this conference, please only submit one for consideration. We look forward to your submission!

2020 APA Convention

  • Shweta Ghosh: Selective Mutism and Pediatric Oncology: A Case Example of Repeated Exposure across Medical Settings
  • Manuela Sinisterra: Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Related to Family Functioning when Managing Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in Young Children

2020 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

2019 APA Convention

  • Julia George-Jones:  Stress and Coping with Asthma in Low-SES Latinx Children
  • Megan Loew:  Personal Adjustment Predicts Health-Related Quality of Life in Youth with Sickle Cell Disease


2019 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Annette Cantu: Examining changes in PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores in transgender and gender nonconforming youth receiving care in a pediatric endocrinology clinic.
  • Megan Perez: Psychosocial functioning of parents of young children with atypical genital development due to disorders of sex development: An assessment of predictors of distress.
  • Hannah Espeleta: Examining caregivers’ perspectives: Disclosing a child’s diagnosis of a disorder of sex development.
  • Clarissa Shields: The association between dietary restraint and zBMI is moderated by inhibitory control among adolescents from low-income backgrounds.
  • Jenna Rudo-Stern: Transitioning from colocated to integrated care in a youth gender clinic.
  • Jessy Guler: Service provider’s perspectives of physical health problems among resettled refugee families in the United States: A qualitative study.

2018 APA Convention

  • Kara Friend, Tracy Gavaligos, Shawn Davis, & Laura Edwards-Leeper
    • Pacific University
    • The role of religiosity, spirituality, and peer support in the promotion of resilience in gender diverse youth.
  • Rachel Sweenie, Molly Basch, Ke Ding, Stefania Pinto, Marie Chardon, David Janicke, & David Fedele
    • University of Florida
    • Psychosocial and health outcomes in adolescents with asthma: the role of subjective social status.

2018 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Sarah Breen, Meredith Rose, Laura Aronow, Carrie Tully, Caitlin Shneider, Marissa Hilliard, & Randi Streisand
    • Children’s National Medical Center
    • Sample diversity in behavioral health research for young children with Type 1 diabetes: Are we matching clinic diversity?
  • Marie Chardon, Cheyenne Reynolds, Molly Basch, Michelle Cardel, & David Janicke
    • University of Florida
    • The relationship between subjective social status, depression symptoms, and sleep problems in a low socioeconomic status adolescent sample.
  • Alexandria Delozier, Kaitlyn Gamwell, Megan Perez, Dana Bakula, Cortney Wolfe-Christensen, John Chaney, Amy Wisniewski, & Larry Mullins
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Stigma and psychological functioning in parents of children with Disorders of Sex Development (DSD).
  • Ifigenia Mougianis, Sarah Martin, & Lindsey Cohen
    • Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School
    • The effects of perceived racial discrimination on HRQOL in adolescents hospitalized for Sickle Cell pain crises.
  • Elizabeth Ruzicka, Katherine Darling, Clarissa Shields, Amy Fahrenkamp, Emma Stout, & Amy Sato
    • Kent State University
    • Food insecurity moderates the relation between income-to-needs ratio and pressure to eat among adolescents.
  • Alayna Tackett, Michael Farrow, & Elizabeth McQuaid
    • Brown Alpert Medical School and Hasbro Children’s Hospital/Rhode Island Hospital
    • Food security, utilization of food assistance programs, and parental perceptions of food-induced anaphylaxis risk in children with food allergies.

2017 APA Convention

  • Bridget Armstrong, Rachel Deitch, & Maureen Black
    • University of Maryland School of Medicine
    • Maternal restrained eating mediates the relation between mother’s BMI and restrictive feeding practices.
  • Yuliana Noniyeva, Ryan Asherin, & Ayelet Talmi
    • Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado School of Medicine
    • Please understand me: Cultural responsiveness in integrated pediatric primary care.

2017 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Katherine E. Darling, Amy J. Fahrenkamp, Elizabeth B. Ruzicka, & Amy F. Sato
    • Kent State University
    • Child BMI and income: The moderating role of time demands.
  • Jaclyn L. Papadakis, Nerissa Fernandes, Elzbieta Kalata, & Grayson N. Holmbeck
    • Loyola University Chicago
    • Impact of sociodemographic factors and cumulative risk on health-related, neuropsychological, and academic functioning among youth with Spina Bifida.
  • Theresa Kapke, Kim Anderson Khan, Chasity Brimeyer, Kathryn Lawton, & Alyson Gerdes
    • Marquette University
    • Effects of acculturation risk factors and parental psychopathology on Latino adolescent somatic complaints.
  • Alexandria J. Mullins, Kristina I. Suorsa, Dana Bakula, Christina Sharkey, Kaitlyn L. Gamwell, Megan Perez, Kristy Scott Reyes, Amy B. Wisniewski, & Larry L. Mullins
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Examination of Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms in parents of children with DSD.
  • Heather Bemis, Leandra Desjardins, Lexa Murphy, Kemar Prussien, Kathryn Vannatta, Cynthia A. Gerhardt, & Bruce E. Compas
    • Vanderbilt University
    • Interactive effects of SES, stress, and coping on depressive symptoms in mothers of children with cancer.
  • Alex Maixner, Kelsy Newton, & Terry Stancin
    • MetroHealth Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
    • Do gender norms matter? Exploring the use of preferred versus natal gender norms with transgender youth.

2016 APA Convention

  • McKenna Corlis, Carlie Decker, & Amy Damashek
    • Western Michigan University
    • The role of proximal supervision in children’s injury risk in a low-income sample.

2016 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Elizabeth B. Ruzicka, Amy J. Fahrenkamp, Katherine E. Darling, Emily L. Ferrell, & Amy F. Sato
    • Kent State University
    • Examining the Relation between Income and Healthy Family Behaviors affecting Pediatric Obesity Risk
  • Casey Lawless, David A. Fedele, Tracey E. Barnett, Robin Everhart, & Jamie Forrest
    • University of Florida, Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Asthma in Rural and Non-Rural Youth
  • S. R. Martin, J. Boergers, E. L. McQuaid, S. J. Kopel, R. Seifer, M. LeBourgeois, R. Klein, C. A. Esteban, G. Fritz, and D. Koinis-Mitchell
    • Bradley/Hasbro Children’s Research Center / Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
    • Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Health in a Sample of Urban Children with and without Asthma
  • Amy J. Fahrenkamp, Elizabeth B. Ruzicka, Katherine E. Darling, Amber L. Sitz, & Amy F. Sato
    • Kent State University
    • Greater Parental Experiential Avoidance is Associated with Poorer Daily Habits in Youth
  • Jaclyn L. Papadakis, Autumn Crowe, Elzbieta Kalata, & Grayson N. Holmbeck
    • Loyola University Chicago
    • Impact of Sociodemographic Factors on Psychosocial Functioning in Youth with Spina Bifida

2015 APA Convention

  • investigating these winners, if you have this information, please contact Div54@hotmail.com - thanks!

2015 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Jackie Lennon, Loyola University Chicago — Latino Youth with Spina Bifida: Psychosocial Functioning, Family Functioning, and Acculturation
    Mentor: Grayson Holmbeck
  • Dara M. Steinberg, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital/Yeshiva University — Asthma in Children of Caribbean Decent Living in the Inner City: Comparing Puerto Rican and Afro-Carribbean Children
    Mentor: Jonathan M. Feldman
  • Cathy Odar Stough, University of Kansas — Parent Hope and Child BMI Change During a Weight Management Program
    Mentors: Ann Davis & Meredith Dreyer
  • Bridget Armstrong, University of Florida — Convenience Store Density as a Predictor of Child Weight Change in a Rural Behavioral Lifestyle Intervention
    Mentor: David Janicke

2014 APA Convention

  • Rachel Becker Herbst, Children's Hospital Colorado — Exploring the Influence of Language on Behavioral Health in Integrated Primary Care
    Primary Mentor: Ayelet Talmi

  • Bridget Armstrong, University of Florida — Park Density Moderates Weight Loss Intervention Maintenance in Obese Rural Youth
    Primary Mentor: David Janicke

2014 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • investigating these winners, if you have this information, please contact Div54@hotmail.com - thanks!

2013 APA Convention

  • Jenniffer Lovell — Qualitative Theory Informing Parent Prevention of Early Childhood Weight-related Problems

2013 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference

  • Marilyn Sampilo — A Pediatric Obesity Intervention For Rural Youth: Effects on Quality of Life 

  • Megan Cohen — The Relationship among the Built Environment, Weight Status, Caloric Intake, and Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Rural Children 

  • Alyssa Lee — Understanding the Stressful Challenges of Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Management in Caucasian and Hispanic Youth 

  • Alyssa Schlenz — Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management to Improve Daily Activity Levels in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease 

  • Ifigenia Mougianis — Parent-Child Behavioral Interaction during Pediatric Immunizations in a Latino Sample 

  • Chinsun ("Jin") Lee — Utilization of Pediatric Complementary and Alternative Medicine — CAM: Impact of Ethnicity, Parent Education & Family Income

2012 APA Convention

  • Page Klitzman — Predictors of Attendance in a Behavioral Family intervention Program for Overweight Rural Youth 

  • Kristin Long — Emotion Expression and Communication in Latino and Non-Latino Siblings of Children With Diabetes

2012 Midwest Regional Conference on Pediatric Psychology

  • Erin Brannon — Examining Longitudinal Feeding Practices and Child Eating Behaviors in a Minority Population: Feasibility and Validity Challenges


  • No award given

2010 APA Convention

  • Katherine Salamon — Factors Associated with Participation in Pediatric Yoga Research


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