Student Research Award

Deadline: October 15,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

This research competition is designed to encourage and reward quality research on issues related to pediatric psychology and health care of children. An award of $1,000 will be made to the winner of the competition.

All of the research work must have been completed while the candidate was a graduate student, intern or postdoctoral fellow. In addition, candidates must be in training status (includes fellowship) at the time of award submission. The student must be the primary (first) author. A cover letter describing the candidate's status at the time the research was conducted should accompany the entry as well as a statement regarding student membership in Div. 54. A letter from the student's faculty advisor is required that describes the degree to which the project objectives, design, data collection, data analysis and manuscript preparation are the responsibility of the applicant. Thus, studies that are fully student initiated as well as those that are part of a larger funded project but for which the student assumes primary responsibility from beginning to end, may be submitted for consideration for the competitive award. Only empirical (data-based) studies will be considered. Please see our rating form (PDF, 71KB) for more information on the criteria the paper will be judged on.

Deadline: Oct. 15

Papers should be written following the guidelines outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Papers up to one year post-publication at the time of award submission will be considered There is no page limit for the body of the proposal or tables, figures and references. Please email the manuscript in word format (not PDF) and supporting materials to the address below. Supporting materials should include information confirming membership in Div. 54 and a letter of support from your faculty supervisor.

Submissions for this award should be emailed to:

Idia Thurston, PhD



2020: Christina Sharkey (Mentors: Larry L. Mullins, PhD, and Martha Grootenhuis, PhD)

2019: Caroline Roberts (Mentor: John Chaney, PhD)

2018: Kaitlyn Gamwell (Mentor: John Chaney, PhD)

2017: Tarrah Mitchell (Mentor: Ric Steele, PhD);

2016: Rachel Wasserman (Mentor: Grayson Holmbeck, PhD);
  Honorable Mention: Kathryn Birnie

2015: Cyd Eaton

2014: Jaclyn Lennon Papadakis

2013: Katelyn Boerner;
  Honorable Mention: Bonney Reed-Knight

2012: Melanie Noel
  Honorable Mention: Sarah Martin

2011: Margaux Barnes
  Honorable Mention: Maggie Bromberg

2010: David Fedele
  Honorable Mention: Erin Moon

2009: C. Meghan McMurtry
  Honorable Mention: Lindsay Uman

2008: Kimberly Miller

2007: Nancy Bandstra

2006: Jill MacLaren

2005: Elizabeth Stanford

2004: Molly White

2003: Jodi Kamps

2002: Mary Kral

2001: Christine Chambers

2000: Nataliya Zelikovsky

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