Wright Ross Salk Award for Distinguished Service in Pediatric Psychology

Deadline: December 1,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

In recognition of the early founders of pediatric psychology, this award honors outstanding service contributions to the Society of Pediatric Psychology or to the field of pediatric psychology generally. Examples of significant contributions include:

  • Leadership in SPP

  • Public or political advocacy or leadership

  • Significant and extensive prevention or intervention program development, implementations and dissemination

  • Development and implementation of significant and influential service or training models

  • Professional leadership in other professional or public organizations that benefit the field of pediatric psychology

  • Substantial influential production of clinically oriented scholarship such as case studies and literature reviews

The recipient may be invited to give an award presentation at SPP's annual conference.


Nominees must be current members of Div. 54. The award is not given in recognition of those usual or expected contributions to SPP provided by its elected officials. However, it can be given to a previous executive committee member to recognize contributions to the organization that are substantially beyond those expected.

Self-nominations will not be considered since this award represents recognition of service contributions by one’s peers.


2020: Lisa J. Meltzer

2019: Mary Ann McCabe

2018: Tim Wysocki

2017: Kathleen Lemanek

2016: Michael C. Roberts

2015: Suzanne Bennett Johnson

2014: Sharon Berry

2013: David J. Bearison

2011: Edward Christophersen

2010: Lewis Lipsitt

2009: Terry Stancin

2008: Glen P. Aylward

2006: Gary Walco

2005: Dennis Harper

2004: Conway Saylor

2003: Danny Armstrong

2002: Jan Wallander

2001: Dennis Russo

2000: William Rae

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