Lizette Peterson-Homer Injury Prevention Grant Award

Deadline: October 15,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

The Lizette Peterson Homer Memorial Injury Research Grant supports research into psychological and behavioral aspects of the prevention of injuries in children and adolescents as reflected in the activities and interests within pediatric psychology of the late Lizette Peterson-Homer and her commitment to improving the status of children in the face of the most significant threats to their health and development. This grant is open to students and faculty to support research related to the prevention of injuries in children and adolescents. Funding is available up to $5,000 and is sponsored jointly by the American Psychological Foundation and APA Div. 54.

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Research should focus on prevention of physical injury in children and adolescents. More information about the criteria on which applications will be judged is available from Division 54. Funds are not provided for convention and meeting travel.


  • Student and/or faculty at an accredited university.

  • Demonstrated research competence and area commitment.

  • IRB approval must be received from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved.

Nomination Requirements

  • A research proposal on a single document, not to exceed five pages, one-inch margins, 11-point Times New Roman/Garamond Font, single space. This should include:
    - Goals, relevant background/literature review
    - Methods (must be detailed enough so that the design, assessments and procedures can be evaluated)
    - Anticipated outcomes, significance and impact”

  • A current curriculum vitae.

  • Supporting faculty supervisor letter (if the applicant is a student).

  • Proof of IRB approval or statement that IRB approval is pending.

Submission Process


2020: Danielle DeVille, University of Tulsa (Mentor: Ming Hsu, PhD)

2019: Nam-Yoon Kim, University of Iowa

2018: Joao Guassi Moreira, UCLA

2017: Lindsey Weil, Northwestern University

2016: Erin Kaufmann, University of Utah

2015: Marissa Swanson, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2014: Haley Johnson, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2013: Catherine Glenn, Harvard University

2012: Elizabeth O'Neal, University of Iowa

2011: Jiabin Shen, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2009: Keri Brown Kirschman, University of Dayton

2008: Bryan Karazsia, Kent State University

2007: Despina Stavrinos, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2006: Robin Toblin, University of Southern California

2005: Sheila Crowell, University of Washington

2004: Ben Barton, PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham

2003: Kristen Bradbury, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

2002: Mary C. Kral, Medical University of South Carolina, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award Jill E. MacLaren, West Virginia University, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award

2001: Christine Chambers, Center for Community Health Research, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award Alicia Auliffe, St. John's University, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award

2000: Susannah Allison, George Washington University, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award Christopher D. Houck, University of Florida, Rebecca Routh Coon Research Award

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