Marion and Donald Routh Student Research Grant

Deadline: October 15,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

This grant is designed to enable a student member of the Society of Pediatric Psychology to pursue research scholarship. Funding is available up to $5,000. Up to $500 of the award amount can be budgeted for convention and meeting travel. Funds may not be used for indirect costs of the University, stipends of principal investigators or costs associated with manuscript preparation.  Up to $1,000 will also be provided to the runner-up to support their proposed research.


This award is for current student members of SPP in full-time psychology graduate programs (i.e., graduate students or interns) conducting research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for this award. The research project for which funding is requested must be conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor and may include work leading to a master's or doctoral degree or may be an independent study. Research proposals should address areas consistent with the field of pediatric psychology. Topic examples might include relationships between psychological and physical well-being of children and adolescents, including behavioral and emotional components of disease and treatment, the role of pediatric psychology in pediatric medical settings or the promotion of health and the prevention of illness among children and youth. Please see our rating form (PDF, 71KB) for more information on the criteria on which the grant will be judged.

Interested applicants should submit by email the following:

A single Word document to include the following:

  • An abstract of 100 words or less, summarizing the proposed research

  • A maximum four-page, single-spaced proposal that describes the following:

  • Project objectives, aims and hypotheses 

  • Relevant literature review 

  • Design, method and procedures 

  • Data analytic plan 

  • References

The project's relevance to pediatric psychology should be specifically addressed.  A detailed budget that includes specific item amounts and budget justification for each item should also be included. If the project will require more than the $5,000 requested, please include an explanation of the expected sources of the remaining funds necessary to complete the project; A statement regarding the qualifications of the student investigator, past relevant research/training and a statement regarding membership in Div. 54; and the faculty supervisor must write a letter of recommendation to accompany the student's application. Applications should be emailed as one PDF document to Idia Thurston, PhD.

Winner Requirements

The award winner is required to submit a progress report to the SPP Executive Committee (contact Idia Thurston, PhD, for details) on progress/outcome of the project at 6 months and one year from the date of the award. IRB approval is required no later than 3 months post award notification (an additional 3 month progress report will be required if IRB documentation has not been submitted). Also, the award winner is required to include an acknowledgement of receipt of the award in any publication resulting from the study.

COVID-19 Supplement

In light of COVID19, we are requesting that each grant applicant include a brief one paragraph addendum (on a separate page) with their submission. This paragraph should describe the feasibility of completing the proposed research in a one year period given current restrictions at your institution. All applications should be submitted as a single pdf document (except for the COVID19 addendum which should be submitted separately) and emailed to:  Idia Thurston,

2020: Caroline Roberts (Mentors: Alayna P. Tackett, PhD, and Larry L. Mullins, PhD)
  Honorable Mention: Andrea Fidler (Mentor: David Fedele, PhD)

2019: Adrian Ortega (Mentor: Christopher Cushing, PhD)
  Honorable Mention: Alexandra Monzon (Mentor: Susana Patton, PhD, and Christopher Cushing, PhD)

2018: Kathryn Prendergast (Mentor: Marissa Gowey, PhD)
  Honorable Mention: Mary Keenan (Mentor: Kristoffer Berlin, PhD)

2017: Co-Winners
  Carolina Bejarano (Mentor: Christopher Cushing, PhD)
  Marie Chardon (Mentor: David Janicke, PhD)

2016: Co-Winners
  Lila Pereira (Mentor: Robert Russell, PhD)
  Lara Genik (Mentor: C. Meghan McMurtry, PhD)

2015: Co-winners
  Casey Lawless
  Julia Carmody

2014: Meghan Schinkel

2013: Bridget Armstrong
  Honorable Mention: Nicole Racine

2012: Kathryn Birnie
  Honorable Mention: Molly Mishler Thomason

2011: Jason Van Allen
  Honorable Mention: Megan Crawford

2010: Christopher Fitzgerald
  Honorable Mention: Shannon Hourigan

2009: Melanie Noel
  Honorable Mention: Lauren Daniels

2008: Brandon Aylward

2007: Katie Devine

2006: Jean Mennuti-Washburn and Allison Wallin

2005: Debra Huss

2004: Coleen Lukens

2003: Mariella Lane

2002: Jill MacLaren

2001: Alicia McAuliffee

2000: Christine Chambers

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