Drotar-Crawford Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Grant in Pediatric Psychology

Deadline: October 15,2020
Sponsor: Division 54

This $10,000 grant is given to a postdoctoral fellow to support research in pediatric psychology while they are enrolled in a postdoctoral fellowship. The research project must be conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor in an area of research specific to pediatric psychology.  The budget may span up to two years (e.g. $10,000 in total for up to two years). Up to $1000 of the award may be allocated for travel related to research training, collaborations, or for presentation of research findings. Funds are not provided for indirect costs, stipends of the fellow or costs associated with manuscript preparation.

Generous support from Peggy Crawford, PhD, her late husband Dennis (“Denny”) Drotar, PhD, and an anonymous donor provides up to two awards annually.  In addition to his faculty appointments in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Denny served as a President of SPP and was a former Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. He was devoted to training and research mentoring and wanted to support the research training of future generations of pediatric psychologists. Peggy is a psychologist whose work focuses on chronic illness, with a particular interest in multiple sclerosis. Peggy is well known to many members of SPP as a close partner with Denny in supporting the training of psychologists.

The research must be conducted while the applicant is a postdoctoral fellow. The applicant must be a current member of SPP and have a mentor for the research.

To apply, please submit the following materials in one PDF document.

  1. An abstract of 250 words or fewer, summarizing the proposed research.
  2. An eight page (maximum), single-spaced proposal that describes the following: (a) specific aims (one page), (b) significance and innovation (one page), (c) approach, including design, sample, procedures, data analytic plan, and timeline (six pages) and (d) references (can be additional pages).
  3. A detailed budget that includes specific item amounts and budget justification for each item. If the project will require more than the $10,000 requested, please include an explanation of the expected sources of the remaining funds necessary to complete the project.
  4. A statement of the status of the proposal at the applicant’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Proposals need to be IRB approved prior to the release of funds.
  5. A brief statement regarding the qualifications of the student investigator, past relevant research/training, anticipated career path following fellowship and how the award would assist in career development, and a statement regarding membership in Division 54.
  6. Applicant NIH format biosketch.
  7. The faculty research mentor must write a letter of recommendation to accompany the student's application, including a mentoring plan for the study. 

Deadline for full submission is October 15. Applications should be emailed in one PDF document to Idia Thurston, PhD.

Winner Requirements: The grant winner is required to submit a progress report to the SPP Board of Directors (email to Idia Thurston, PhD) on progress/outcome of the project at the conclusion of the grant. Also, the grant winner is required to include an acknowledgement of receipt of the grant from SPP in all presentations and publications resulting from the study.

COVID-19 Supplement

In light of COVID19, we are requesting that each grant applicant include a brief one paragraph addendum (on a separate page) with their submission. This paragraph should describe the feasibility of completing the proposed research in a one year period given current restrictions at your institution. All applications should be submitted as a single pdf document (except for the COVID19 addendum which should be submitted separately) and emailed to:  Idia Thurston,  idiathurston@tamu.edu.

  Katelyn Boerner, PhD (Mentor: Tim Oberlander, MD)
  Tessa Kritikos, PhD (Mentor: Grayson Holmbeck, PhD)

  Lauren Harrison (mentor: Laura Simons, PhD)
  Wendy  Gaultney (mentor: Amy Holley, PhD)

  Cyd Eaton (mentor: Kristin Riekert, PhD)
  Caitlin Murray (mentor: Tonya Palermo, PhD)

  Sarah Westen (mentor: David Janicke, PhD)

**Year the grant was awarded

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