Sleep Special Interest Group

The Sleep SIG was created to promote increased collaboration among clinicians and researchers with an interest in assessment and intervention in pediatric/adolescent sleep.  The SIG focuses on all aspects of care around pediatric sleep:  research, clinical care strategies and advocacy on sleep-related issues.



Our leadership team serves a two-year term and includes the following:

  • Co-chair (2018-2020):  Dr. Kelli-Lee Harford (Emory University)

  • Co-chair (2018-2020):  Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites (Michigan Medicine)

  • Secretary (2018-2020):  Dr. Lauren Daniel (Rutgers)

  • Trainee Representative (2018-2020): Kimberly Klages (University of Memphis)



Members of SPP who are interested in joining the Sleep SIG should contact one of the SIG co-chairs:


For more information

Check out our SIG website at

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