APA Scholars Award

Deadline: February 15,2021
Sponsor: Division 54

This award supports a post-bac, graduate student, or intern to attend the APA annual convention. In addition to support for travel, the award will also include mentorship from a current Division 54 Board Member in order to help plan conference schedules and make use of networking opportunities. Winners will be asked to submit a brief write-up of their experience at APA to our Division 54 “Progress Notes.”

Considering uncertainties related to whether APA will be virtual or in-person due to COVID19, the SPP finance committee has approved the following changes to the 2021 award. 

  • Application deadline is extended to February 15, 2021
  • If APA is in-person, 3 awardees will be selected (as usual) with $1000 per awardee to support travel to the in-person APA Convention.
  • If APA is virtual and no travel is involved, only registration costs for APA will be covered. The number of awards will depend on the cost of APA Virtual registration which has not yet been announced but a total of $1500 will be available to go toward registration for all awardees.


Must be post-bac, current graduate student, or current intern to apply.  Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for this award. Winners must be current student members of Division 54 but do not need to be APA Student Affiliates.

For submission: In one PDF file, please submit the following by email to Idia Thurston, PhD:

1.      Cover letter – Please use the cover letter to outline how attending APA will further your learning and their career development. For example, you might consider providing examples of types of sessions you might attend, mentors they might meet, etc. based on previous year programming.

2.      Draft abstract – Please submit a draft abstract that would be submitted to APA at the December deadline. Please note that preliminary data or intent to analyze can be included, rather than a complete abstract. The award will not be contingent upon acceptance of the abstract to APA – the award is an investment in the student.

3.      Please submit a current CV.


  • Nicole Ruppe (Oklahoma State University)
  • Caitlyn Maye (Texas A&M University)
  • Yangfeifei Gao (San Diego State University / UCSD)


  • Lindsay Huffhines (University of Kansas)
  • Kelly Rea (University of Georgia)
  • Julia George-Jones (UT Austin)


  • Alexandra Monzon (University of Kansas)
  • Colleen Bechtel-Driscoll (Loyola University, Chicago)
  • Samantha Hamburger (Children’s National Health System, DC)


  • Emily Abel (Purdue)
  • Nour Al-Ghriwati (VCU)
  • Ana El-Behadli (UT-Southwestern)
  • Tarrah Mitchell (University of Kansas)

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