SPPAC 2020 Workshops


**Please click each workshop title to view a word document with a summary of the workshop content, learning objectives, speaker bios, and other details.


This year, SPPAC is offering one "Lunch and learn" workshop.

Saturday, March 21, 12:00pm-1:30pm

Pediatric Psychology Consultation: State of the Art & Future Directions

Presented by: Kristin Kullgren, PhD, Bryan Carter, PhD, Dedee Caplin, MS, PhD, Lisa Ramirez, PhD, ABPP, Sara Williams, PhD, Meghan Marsac, PhD, Laura Judd-Glossy, PhD, Michelle Brown, PsyD


SPPAC 2020 also includes an exciting group of pre-conference workshops!

Thursday, March 19, 8:00am-10:30am

Navigating Ethical Challenges for Pediatric Sickle Cell Pain Management in the Context of the Opioid Epidemic: Where do Pediatric Psychologists Fit in? (NOTE: ends at 11am)
Presented by: Siddika Mulchan, PhD, Emily Wakefield, PsyD, Lauren Ayr-Volta, PhD, William Zempsky, MD, MPH

Awareness, Bravery, Commitment: Building Cultural Humility for Pediatric Psychology Providers
Presented by: Roger Harrison, PhD, and Colleen Cullinan, PhD

Legislative Advocacy 101 for Psychologists: Current Issues and How to Make a Difference
Presented by: Alice Ann Holland, PhD, ABPP, Kevin Stewart, JD

NICU Psychology Consults 101: A New Frontier for Pediatric Psychologists
Presented by: Allison Dempsey, PhD, Amy Baughcum, PhD, Casey Hoffman, PhD, Rochelle Steinwurtzel, MSEd, PsyD


Thursday, March 19, 12:30pm-3:00pm

Ethics in Clinical Decision Making: Practical Application of Decision Aids to Facilitate Shared Decision Making in Pediatric Populations (NOTE, ends at 3:30!)
Presented by: Canice Crerand, PhD, Jennifer Hansen-Moore, PhD, Celia Heppner, PsyD, David Sandberg, PhD

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with parents of children and adolescents with chronic medical conditions
Presented by: Karen Weiss, PhD, Dustin Wallace, PhD

Identifying and Evaluating mHealth Tools for Pediatric Patients: A Primer for Providers
Presented by: Alexandra Psihogios, PhD, Colleen Stiles-Shields, PhD, Martha Neary, MSc

Procedural Preparation for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Enhancing Coping and Adherence across Medical Procedures
Presented by: Valerie Paasch, PhD, Margaret Tunney, PsyD, Morgan Bifano, PsyD, Joanna Tsikis, PhD

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