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Caroline M. Roberts is a third-year graduate student in the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program under the mentorship of John M. Chaney, Ph.D. Caroline is recognized as an outstanding student in the field of pediatric psychology through her contributions to research, clinical work, teaching, and service. Caroline’s current research focuses on investigating both youth and parent illness appraisals and their relationship to psychosocial adjustment in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease, which was recently funded through a Student Research Grant from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Caroline also has a history of clinical experience working with youth and their families to improve quality of life in pediatric endocrinology, pulmonology, oncology, and outpatient mental health settings. Caroline is a member of the Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) Student Advisory Board on the Membership Committee and is the student representative for the SPP Pediatric Gastroenterology Special Interest Group. In the future, Caroline aims to work at an academic medical center, continuing her research and clinical work to improve emotional adjustment and adherence of children and families with chronic and acute medical conditions, as well as providing mentorship to graduate students and medical students. .  

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